BIO-ŠAMP d.o.o. based in Šije, the municipality of Tešanj is engaged in the production of mushrooms and oyster mushrooms, and the import of raw materials needed for the production of mushrooms. 

BIO-ŠAMP d.o.o. is a family business with sixteen years of experience in mushroom production. Initially, mushroom production was organized on the principle of s.t.r. H&F, in order to obtain the conditions for its re-registration in d.o.o. in 2008. and the new more recognizable name BIO-ŠAMP.

The primary activity of the company is the cultivation and trade of mushrooms, primarily noble mushrooms (champignons), but given the requirements of the market and customer needs, today, in addition to the production of mushrooms, we also produce golden champignons and oyster mushrooms. 

With the development of the company, the number of employees also grew, so that in 2020 it will 
reached the number of 130 full-time workers distributed by sectors.

The production process is monitored by an agricultural engineer as well as a specialist in mushroom production and processing. The production has been completely modernized, and the same is done in a purpose-built facility. In the production conceived in this way, several tens of tons of fresh mushrooms are produced during the week. The mushroom is prepared in the refrigerator and packaging for market and transport to customers in vehicles equipped with refrigeration. 

With constant control of the production process through the quality standards we have (GLOBALG.AP, HACCP and ISO 9001: 2008), in all phases, top quality and correctness of products has been achieved, which has been proven through the trust of the largest retail chains in BiH (KONZUM, BINGO, ROBOT , BEST) who sell our goods to end consumers. Many years of experience, modern way of monitoring production and successful and dynamic management have inevitably conditioned that BIO-ŠAMP d.o.o. becomes a leader in mushroom production in Bosnia and Herzegovina.